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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

With Covid-19 going on they were very careful when working at my home which made me feel comfortable.

The crew that came out was great. When I had an issue, the 1st people to see on site were the guys. You were with me throughout the entire process. The crew was very helpful and advised me of each step as we progressed through the process. 

Our house had a pipe break while we were out of town. We called SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County to handle our job. They were able to remove all wet materials and were able to save the majority of our furniture. 

We asked George if he could do the reconstruction and he could! We handed them the entire project, and they did a wonderful job. 

They handled the drywall, painting, tile, carpeting and specialty wood for the sauna and hot tub room. They did all of this while we were out of town. 

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County did a fantastic job and we couldn't be happier!!

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County was asked to come in and clean the carpets in our offices. We were especially concerned about the heavy staining in some areas, especially in front of our coffee bar. 

The guys did a great job! The carpeting looks and smells great and the staining in front of the coffee bar is completely gone.

Thank you very much for a job well done!!!

Recently the hot water heater in my house had leaked all over the floors in my basement. Our carpeting, furniture and walls were wet. I work at the local library and we had used SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County to handle a huge loss we had recently endured. I saw the good work they did, and I hoped they would be able to do the same for my house.

They were great! They came out quickly and sucked up all the water and set up drying equipment. They were able to save everything for us and were also able to reinstall the carpet pad and clean the carpets when they were done.

During this recent cold snap, two pipes in two different areas of the library froze and burst. We estimated about 5,000 - 7,000 gallons of water flooded the first floor of the building, with some areas having two inches of standing water. We called you at about 10:30 PM and you arrived and started work in about 90 minutes. Amazingly, all the water was extracted by 5:00 AM. All equipment was installed including the trailer mounted equipment by noon. Patrick communicated their drying plan to us and that is exactly how things went! 

Everything was dried in a few days and all carpets were cleaned and vinyl base trim was reinstalled within a few more days. The closed areas of the library were open to the public within 6 days on when the pipes broke. 

You guys did a great job!

During the "Polar Vortex" we had multiple pipe breaks in our Center Street facility. A 25 room medical suite was completely damaged by water as well as a basement conference room and hallway. Dennis explained all the work that was needed and was able to start immediately. 

Lots of cabinets, built in desks and lots of walls and insulation needed to be removed and it was done very neatly. Everyone was great.

They used lots of different monitoring tools to ensure us that everything was properly dried. 

SERVPRO did a wonderful job and we would definitely choose you again (although we hope we never need you again!)

We were really in a bad spot. Our house is on the market and we were having a new washing machine installed by a big box store. They didn't install the drain line correctly and flooded our upstairs laundry room and a bedroom as well as caused bad damage to a downstairs mud room and guest bedroom. 

We knew we hired the right restoration company when Patrick explained how they could save some very expensive crown molding and trim and used an Infrared camera to document the extent of all of the damage. Their construction crew did a FANTASTIC job and we are back on the market!

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County, you are the best!!!