Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Lots of cleaning!

This Middle school had a fire in the learning resources center which also contained their computer lab. In addition to needing to clean all of the books and computers, we had to make sure that they didn't get dirty again as the cleaning of the structure was being done and while the ceiling was being cleaned and ceiling tiles were being reinstalled.

Lots of painters plastic was used to keep everything clean; after it was cleaned!!!

Securing the property, board up

Securing a property after a fire is the first priority. Windows are broken, doors may have been kicked in and walls may have openings that are not supposed to be there.

Our trained staff can properly secure your home or business to give you the piece of mind that no further damage (or theft) to your home and belongings will occur and everyone can concentrate on getting things cleaned and repaired.

Fire cleanup and putting things right!

After all of the debris is removed, and the burned materials are removed and cleaned, the reconstruction process begins. We will reach out to the city building department to ensure that the rebuilt structure meets the current building codes. We will encapsulate any remaining raw structural material with a coating that will lock in any remaining odors. Then we replace insulation, drywall and paint. "Like it never even happened!" 

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County.

Fires are messy

Fires are terrible. They are scary. They destroy the stuff that it comes in contact. When you experience a fire, most people say they feel violated and out-of-control. Here is an example of a small garage fire and the overall damage it caused.

Fires get hot, really hot!!

I am sure everyone realizes that fires are hot. You may be surprised how hot? As you can see in this picture, that the paint on the cinder block walls actually bubbled due to the heat. The heat along the ceiling of a fire can reach 1,000-1,400 degrees. Although the brick was not structurally damaged, we did need to scrap the paint off, clean the surface and then repaint. 

This fire was isolated to a small area of the building, but the fire started in the garbage chute and it carried the fire to all 15 floors and caused smoke damage in residential units on every floor. SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County was able to take care of all of these families and got them back into their units quickly!! 

When you need it clean, call in the green!

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County was called in to help return the Edgebrook Lutheran Church back to preloss condition after they had a horrible fire. Some items we could clean, other things needed to be replaced and other items needed help from our supportive specialty sub contractors. This picture shows how we were able to return beautiful limestone walls back to preloss condition with dry ice blasting. 

Whether you have fire, water, smoke or mold damage, SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County has the experience to get you back "Like it never even happened."