Commercial Photo Gallery

Water everywhere

Water damage in any commercial structure has complicating issues. In this scenario, the workout center in this company was flooded due to strong storms that backed up water into the basement. What makes this more complicated is that we cannot just extract the floor like if it were carpeting. And in addition to that, there is very heavy equipment on top of the thick rubber floor mats. First we had to remove as many accessible floor mats as possible. Then we needed to move the heavy equipment to remove the rest. All of the floor mats needed to be cleaned and properly dried. Hundreds of those mats were brought outside so that they could be cleaned and disinfected and most importantly dried! Once everything was dried properly, we were able to reinstall all of those mats and got the employees back to pumping iron!!

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Assisted Living Centers

Assisted living centers, adult living, nursing homes are becoming more popular as our population is living much longer. Unfortunately the one thing that all of these structures have in common is that they all have multiple sources for water. Most units, that have individual cooking included within each unit have at least 7 individual water supply lines and 4 drain lines. This is in addition to all of the facility water lines, drain lines, fire suppression lines and outside faucets. All of these potential sources for water damage as well as potential problems due to weather.

In these situations, having extensive knowledge of the operations of these facilities is as important as having excellent mitigation experience.

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Sometimes you need to look for the damage

In commercial kitchens, things get wet. Things get splashed, dropped and then you clean them up. Seeing water on the floor or down a cabinet is not necessarily a problem. Seeing water come out from under a cabinet, can be a problem, but where is the problem?? 

After further investigation by emptying a sink base cabinet, we found that there were signs of extensive damage behind the cabinet. Although we ended up having to remove all of the cabinets and found lots of water damage we might not have found it if we didn't do a little digging!!

Sometimes, the job is not pretty!

Here is an example where a floor drain is backing up into the lower hallway of a multi-unit complex. It isn't pretty, but we know that the first step in any water damage situation is to get up all of the water. Our Production managers and Crew Chiefs are fully trained and know how to handle any type of water damage category.

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Drying areas that are difficult to access

This shows how sometimes we have to really work to get to the areas we need to dry. This is the kitchen area of a very BUSY event/banquet hall that had a burst pipe. The largest banquet hall is directly above this kitchen area and the insulated metal ceilings of the kitchen were all wet and needed to be dried.

In this case, we used desiccant dehumidifiers to get the difficult access areas dry. 

SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County making it "Like it never even happened."

Address moisture issues fast, eliminate costly rebuilds

Here is an example what can happen when a small water damage is not address quickly. This was truly a small water leak. The pipe was repaired, but they didn't address the water. 

As you can see, although there is not a huge amount of mold, the moldy material is in a very tough spot to work. Proper removal protocols will require containment barriers and negative pressure. Although the removal of materials was difficult, the rebuild was even worse! Multiple trade unions were involved, and lots of additional work is required to get this commercial building back "Like it never even happened."

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